About Us


Recovery Hub is a recovery service for young people with mental health issues focusing on the social aspects i.e. offering employment support and access to skills development. This will help the individual to be financially independent, boost their confidence and give them respect in the community and overall offer them a better quality of life.


To create an inclusive workplace for people with mental health issues. To offer accessible employment support, skills, and mentoring for people with mental illness

What problem is Recovery Hub solving?

India has a huge gap in social recovery services for mental health. So far, this problem has led to unemployment and dependence on people with mental health issues. It has affected them personally, financially, and socially. Our youth have been losing confidence and compromising their quality of life. Their elderly parents often worry about their future and survival. Research suggests that people who have been out of work for more than 6 months can experience a negative effect on their general physical health and on general outcomes, quality of life, and social determinants. Our clients might have never been offered jobs despite them being capable. Recovery hub offers a solution to all these problems.

Our ideal candidates

  1. Age over 18 years
  2. With mental illness
  3. Any gender
  4. Urban living
  5. Educated (graduates or at least 12th std)
  6. Unemployed or looking at Return to work
  7. Despite mental illness-should be currently stable enough to explore career opportunities and learn new skills

Ways to engage with our initiative

Our cohort is the youth with mental health problems who have recovered from a medical point of view but need support in social rehabilitation. There are different ways you can support them through Recovery Hub. You could support employment training, IT skills, financial management, interview practice, writing a CV, learning Arts, music, theatre, and other recreational activities. You can help us with marketing campaigns, CSR activities, administration activities, and increase the awareness of this initiative. You can be our knowledge partner, skills partner, training partner, health partner, financial partner, and so on. In conclusion, where there is a will, there is a way. We all have some responsibility towards society. Let us take that initial step today. Contact us on “+91-9177444302” or Mail us on “contact@recoveryhub.in“.

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