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Social Rehabilitation services

Our goal is to empower our service users with skills and support them in employment to live an independent and confident life whilst combatting their mental illness

Mental Health Training

Recovery Hub specialises in ensuring that both employers and employees develop the knowledge, confidence and capacity to support…

Occupational Health assessments

The primary aim of Recovery Hub is to help people with chronic mental health issues (which are well…

Access to skill development programs

There are various existing initiatives offering skilling opportunities to Indian youth. Recovery Hub offers a platform to connect…

Supported internships

Internship opportunities will be offered not only at Recovery Hub but also with the partnered organizations. Internship programs…

Current partnership opportunities

At Recovery Hub, we have experts in the field of mental health, occupational health, and management. When we…

Access to employment

Applying for a job can be quite challenging if it is your first job or if you are…

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