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  1. Are you suffering from mental illness and struggling to get into work? We will support your journey into work
  2. Is your mental health preventing you from learning new skills? We can support you and connect you to the right channel.
  3. Do you face barriers to employment because of your mental health? We can provide a personalized support plan for you.
  4. Are you an organization looking for training to support your employees with their mental health issues at work? We offer various training programmes for the employers and employees

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‘Recovery hub’ is a pan India social initiative led by the DAWN welfare foundation, which focuses on the social recovery of an individual with mental health issues. We work on promoting social equity for people suffering with mental illness. Our effort is to reduce the impact social stigma has on a person’s recovery. An individual’s recovery is complete only when the following three aspects – bio-psycho-social – are addressed. The individual’s biological recovery is managed by the psychiatrist, through diagnosis and medication, while psychological recovery is handled by psychologists via therapy. Social recovery is often ignored, despite it being the gateway to people receiving education, jobs and living a meaningful life. Recovery Hub hopes to fill that gap in India.

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Dr Daljeet Kaur

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Mental Health Training

Recovery Hub specialises in ensuring that both employers and employees develop the knowledge, confidence and capacity to support…

Occupational Health assessments

The primary aim of Recovery Hub is to help people with chronic mental health issues (which are well…

Access to skill development programs

There are various existing initiatives offering skilling opportunities to Indian youth. Recovery Hub offers a platform to connect…

Supported internships

Internship opportunities will be offered not only at Recovery Hub but also with the partnered organizations. Internship programs…

Current partnership opportunities

At Recovery Hub, we have experts in the field of mental health, occupational health, and management. When we…

Access to employment

Applying for a job can be quite challenging if it is your first job or if you are…

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Referrals to Recovery hub will be received by mental health professionals. People with mental illness can also self-refer. However there will be a referral form that will decide the eligibility for the service. We prefer recommendations from their treating Psychiatrist regarding their stability and fitness to work. After this recommendation, an Occupational Health Assessment will be conducted by us.

Our team will take all possible efforts to arrange for a job/voluntary position (placement) for the individual based on their interests and target industries. However, the same cannot be guaranteed.

We do not accept referrals for people under the age of 18 and over 45.

People with the following conditions will not be able to use the service:

learning disabilities, autism, dementia, acute psychosis, active suicidal ideation, drug addiction, alcohol addiction

Vocational rehabilitation (for Recovery Hub) is made up of a series of services that are designed to facilitate the entrance into or return to work by people with mental illnesses. Some of these services include vocational assessment and evaluation, training, upgrading of general skills, refresher courses, on-the-job training, career counseling, employment searches, and consulting with potential or existing employers for job adjustments and modifications. These services may also vary depending on the needs of the individual.
Once the occupational health assessment is completed, the trained professional will then prepare a report that provides a summary of the individual client's functional capacity and fitness for work. The report may also, where needed, provide recommendations for any appropriate supportive measures that can help with the individual’s rehabilitation into the workplace.

This depends on the individual’s work requirements i.e. whether the individual wanted long term, short term or internship etc.

However, our primary service is to get the individual a job/voluntary position (placement) based on their interests and target industries. After the individual is placed, their employment shall depend on various other parameters like coping with stress, meeting job requirements, employer feedback, etc.

The occupational health assessment is a functional assessment for capability to undertake work activity, with the ultimate aim of successful vocational rehabilitation of the individual. The assessment involves assessing the clients mental and cognitive abilities. The assessment focuses on what the individual can and cannot do.
Recovery Hub aims to form appropriate partnerships with other relevant stakeholders who may be able to assist with providing appropriate training. Recovery Hub also aims to provide appropriate training and support to potential employers with appropriate training to facilitate effective vocational rehabilitation and also to enable them to handle the individual in case of any unexpected relapse in the individual’s symptoms.

Recovery hub does not aim to provide any specific training for individual clients; however, where required, Recovery Hub may try to arrange for any relevant training with relevant partnership organizations.
The health assessment will be done by trained personnel, who will go through a series of questions in relation to the individual health and specific questions about their day to day living activities ( e.g. ability to maintain personal hygiene, ability to travel to familiar and unfamiliar places, ability to recognize hazards, essential communication ability, etc). Physical examinations will not be required, but there may be basic cognitive assessments done. A typical assessment will last about 45 minutes to 60 minutes maximum.
The aim of Recovery Hub is to assist with vocational rehabilitation of clients who have never started their employment or been off on long-term absence from work due to an underlying mental health condition and have undergone treatment and successfully either achieved full recovery or are clinically or functionally stable on treatment.
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